Most of the time I don’t worry too much about the size of my stash but sometimes I wonder how I’m going to use it all up and why I keep adding to it.

Accuquilt came out with an appliqué schoolhouse die (I’d rather piece the block) but luckily Mom offered to do the appliqué for me. I’d originally intended to make it scrappy – multiple colors, multiple fabrics but while I was in GA, I remembered I had a blue and white kit and thought there’d be enough fabric to make it. I was a bit shocked when I went looking for the kit I bought years ago to start cutting the blocks and found the receipt in the bag – for $184 (the kit was $170 and shipping was $14). I must have really wanted this fabric bad to pay that much for it … And then I let it sit for 6 years???

I got the idea to use the blues from this antique one from eBay but my quilt will be made from multiple blues and shirting fabrics and I like a 3 rail sash with the 9 patch cornerstones for it. 

My fabrics before cutting – it’s all packed to send to Mom now. I just cut the background squares from the lights and the squares that she’ll use to fuse and cut the schoolhouses from. I’ll cut the sashing when I get the blocks back from her and I will have plenty of fabric leftover too so I’ll have to come up with an idea to use them. 

3 thoughts on “Stash

  1. The Joyful Quilter

    Hmm… your story makes me wonder if there’s a receipt in the bag of fabrics (that are STILL together) for my Alex Anderson Star Quilt. They’ve been in that bag for EIGHTEEN YEARS!!!

  2. Shirley

    When sorting through things, I too have had those “what was I thinking moments.” Someone once told me that it is okay to buy fabric and not use it as it is then a collectible. Some people collect stamps and coins with the intention of keeping them and not using them so why can’t we collect fabric. Love the house quilt.

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