Churn Dash

My sister decided she wanted a churn dash quilt after seeing the child size one I pieced. 

I bought Mom the 9 inch Churn Dash GO die (My blocks were 12 inches) and I’m going to send them these three photos to see which one they want me to write up. 

Version 1

Version 2 

Version 3

Version 3 is my favorite. I love how easy it is to make small changes to a design with a software program like EQ7. My first version is rarely my favorite. 

4 thoughts on “Churn Dash

  1. Bonnie in Virgia

    I had to really look at the different versions of churn dash to see why they are different. I’m partial to number 3 also. Do you find you use your Go dies over and over again? So far, I seem to use only the strips and triangles repeatedly. It’s about time for me to buy a new die but haven’t decided which one yet. Decisions, decisions.

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