Keith’s gone

Someone isn’t happy! Keith was loving on Casper all weekend and now he’s gone. I just know that one of these days when we’re not traveling all the time that Keith will want another dog. It’s obvious that he misses Chesty a lot. 

4 thoughts on “Keith’s gone

  1. Sherrill

    Maybe Keith just needs to visit the local animal shelter (or volunteer when he can) and love on those dogs. They could use a little love in their lives. I’d have a hard time working there knowing so many would never find a loving home. 🙁

  2. Kim

    I’m not sure we would have another dog after Lucy is gone. I think we might be too lonesome without a dog, yet I know we want to be able to travel more and having a dog makes that more challenging. Its one of those things you can’t predict until you are in the midst of it. Having a dog to walk keeps us motivated to get out every single day and the companionship would be sorely missed. We have friends who went dogless after their last dog died and two years later, they still revisit the idea of another dog and then put it aside because of travel and simply being away from the house a lot. This is a tough topic. I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it!

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