I’m going to be in Virginia at my brother’s a lot in the coming months helping out and many days will pass without any quilting content to share. I’d debated taking a long break from blogging but decided instead I’ll keep blogging but just less frequently. 

I posted the other day that I thought I’d messed up the latest hat too badly to save but I took some time out yesterday to  fix it … The worse part was getting it back on the needles and unlike at my house, there isn’t a lot of great task lighting so I sat outside (it was hot) so I could see better. I love the color of this yarn but it was really hard to see the stitches. I finished the hat later that night and my sister-in-law was wearing it today. 

Two other hats are in progress – I love how portable knitting is!

My sister Maureen was here a couple days too – she brought the best tomatoes from her garden and squash too – I teased her that it was unusual to see her cooking but that’s not really true now that Mom is living with her. I bet she cooks more often than I do now although I did cook dinner tonight. 

18 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Marilyn Smith

    Just post what you can, when you can. Family always comes first. I don’t know the reason but will keep your entire family in my prayers. Sounds as if they may be needed. Big hugs for you as well!

  2. Penny G

    Family upheaval is tough on everyone. Blog when you feel moved to, but people who read your blog know that family is foremost in your life and respect you as that person. Congratulations on the finish and happy that it was well received.

  3. Susan

    This reader will be very happy to read whatever you wish to share with us, whenever it suits you and your family. I’m so pleased the hat was a success!.

  4. Kim Q

    Family first! I enjoy reading your posts, but I certainly understand that there are priorities. As to lighting problems, you might think about picking up one of those battery operated Ott Lites…I got mine at JoAnn’s on sale. It’s easy to toss in a tote bag to go, plus it’s handy for lighting up the back of my closet. 😉

  5. Linda H

    Family always comes first and I will keep you all on my prayer list. I always lay a white pillowcase on my lap when I’m working with anything dark; it seems to help see where the stitches are a little better. Perhaps that would help when knitting with darker yarns. The little pooch that Keith was loving on reminded me a little of Chesty … those longing little eyes. Chesty will put someone new to love in your path when the time is right … I believe that. I has always happened that way for us. God bless!

  6. Dee W

    Isn’t it good that you can be there to help? So often it falls to one or two people to carry and the load. They have no idea probably how lucky they are. We will be thinking good thoughts for all of you.

  7. Nancy

    Dark yarn does challenge the eyes.

    Is your sister still machine quilting? I remember seeing photos on your blog, several years ago, of her work.

    Blog when you can – I’ll be here to read and enjoy.

  8. Jeane

    Thank you for keeping in touch and certainly understand Family comes first. I would miss you so much if you completely quit blogging. Best wishes to you and your family.

  9. wendiq

    Can’t believe you were not only able to finish that hat, but that it is being worn…..FANTASTIC! You are good!!!

    As for not blogging, from all the comments here I think you know how we feel. Love your daily blogs, but understand that family comes first. Now go enjoy them!!!!!

  10. Ann Parks

    I love reading your blog posts whenever they pop up! Blog when you can. Be creative when you can. And know that you have all kinds of virtual hugs and support from your readers!

  11. Florence

    You’ll all be in our prayers. You and your family are certainly blessed to have each other — that much love and caring and support is not found in many families.

  12. Shirley

    Your help will certainly be appreciated I am sure. Everyone understands that family comes first.

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