It’s the weekend and I have a little more free time. I got out yesterday and today for 5 mile walks and I’m about to go run some errands and then spend some time in Barnes and Nobles – yep, that’s my idea of fun – getting a coffee and browsing in a book store!

Yesterday’s walk was on the Nolan Trail 

Today’s was just to the Lion’s Bridge and back to my brother’s house. 

Keith’s keeping the homefront in order including replacing the flowers out front that died when we were at Big Canoe last month. 

As always, I appreciate your words of encouragement and support. Have a wonderful weekend. 

8 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Penny G

    So glad that you are able to take care of yourself a little. My idea of a great day is browsing a bookstore, having a cup of coffee and then settling in to read whatever I bought. I am thinking that you had a really great day.

  2. Helen

    At this time of year our favourite weekend walk is the boardwalk at Fort Monroe – no insects!

    Funny to think that we drove past B+N you might have been there.

    Hope all is well.

  3. Sally

    Oh, too funny. My idea of fun is to go to Barnes & Noble, get a drink, and browse the magazines and books! My sister and I have even been known to meet halfway (between our towns 30 miles apart) and sit and look at magazines/books together……away from children and housework!

  4. Judy

    Something about a Barnes and Noble is very soothing, like getting a hug. I’m not surprised that you chose it for your downtime.

  5. Dar in MO

    Anyday day that you can go for a walk with such beautiful scenery is a great day. Both that you can walk and second enjoy what Mother Nature gives us free. Reading a good book is another favorite past time for me, but lately I’ve not had much in the way of free time to enjoy it.
    Happy reading.

  6. Kim

    Barns and Noble is my favorite place to sneak off to. The cold brewed coffee is delicious! I’ve always found libraries to be a restful place and I enjoy the atmosphere of a coffee shop as well, making the bookstore is the best of both worlds. Great job on keeping up with the walking…I’ve been a slouch. Hope to resume my long daily walks after we finish moving.

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