Another finish

This is the perfect hat right now… I’ve made 3 for my SIL in fingering weight yarn. 

I searched Ravelry for hats and have made several from worsted weight yarns that will be fine this fall and winter but it was hard to find a fingering weight yarn that she could use right now. This was from one of my books and I finished the 3rd one tonight and am ready to cast on another. 

6 thoughts on “Another finish

  1. Nancy

    It sounds like you are doing hats for someone on chemo. A pattern that I use for that purpose is just a plain hat where the body is one row of eyelet and another row of straight knitting. It makes the hats more friendly for warmer places (I am in Tucson). It also looks pretty good combining a solid yarn with a variegated yarn – working a row in each color. Bless you and your family.

  2. Penny G

    Another hat – I like the colors on this one. Hopefully your SIL will like this one too. Special gifts from a special person. Every day you are giving a gift that is the best kind – time and love.

  3. Nancy

    The yarn behaved beautifully on this hat – nice striping and no pooling. I need to find some good patterns for fingering weight, as my stash is overloaded with it.

    Best wishes to your SIL

  4. wendiq

    That is a great pattern and so perfect for warmer weather. Thanks for sharing…..You have a very lucky SIL….:)!

  5. Ruth

    I need to make hats for a chemo patient with a small head. Any ideas on how many sts to cast on? Are you making the hats a bit smaller to accommodate less or no hair?

    Don’t need a pattern, just an idea of how many sts.

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