I’m really bad about labeling quilts these days but I love coming across one that has been labeled. This was a quilt I made about 3 months into my quilting adventure; it was intended for my grandmother but she died before I could give it to her so I gave it to Mom. For years it hung on the wall in her sewing room and when she moved and was giving away some of her quilts, my SIL wanted this one. 

It doesn’t look too bad for an almost 16 year old quilt!

9 thoughts on “Labeling

  1. Penny G

    Such a beautiful label. It tells all the wonderful details of the reason for making the quilt, tells who made it and when. Ding ding din – winner winner chicken dinner.

  2. ---"Love"

    Such a wonderful label for a very pretty quilt! I’m sure your mother cherishes it! —“Love”

  3. Sara F

    Very pretty quilt so I understand why your SIL wanted it. Your lovely label is really a history of the quilt, especially with the picture and with the date and location. I get lazy and don’t always get a quilt labeled. But this makes me remember why it’s important.

  4. Jeannie

    Awww, what a great look back for you Mary. And oh my goodness, I remember that backing fabric!

  5. Crystal

    Love that label….you have inspired me to do a better job of labeling my quilts!

    Crystal in Cedar City

  6. Bllie

    A beautiful quilt with a wonderful label. A family treasure forever. Great job. Quilts hold memories forever.

  7. Shirley

    What a unique and meaningful quilt label. My quilt guild just had a showing of several antique quilts and not a one was labeled! So important to do this.

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