Race Day

One of the ways I keep motivated to do my walking is to participate in races. Chris sent me a link the other day to a virtual race – one that you do wherever you are on a certain day and report your results. Much easier than traveling to a specific location especially right now. 

Today I participated in a National Park Service Centennial Race – 10K 

The neat thing is they raised over $70,000 for the park service. 

My race bib

My race results

7 thoughts on “Race Day

  1. Sherrill

    WOW, that’s pretty cool with your own bib even!! I really need to just get started walking!!

  2. Brenda in Cape Town

    Mary nudged my conscience and last week I did my first 5 kilometer walk (Park Run) with my son and d-I-l. It was fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Crystal

    Mary, Mary, Mary…..once again you have motivated me to get moving. First it was Walk 4 Fun…..now it is a virtual race. I may get thin and healthy if I keep reading your blog. You are the best!

    Crystal in Cedar City

    Now off for a virtual race…

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