Vintage Rail Fence

I love a rail fence quilt and this one caught my eye tonight on eBay. I’ve got some bright solids that might just work. 

I’ve used black rails before …

This is another one of mine that is similar.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Rail Fence

  1. Sara F

    The one with the black rails is very sharp looking. Several years ago I made rail fence blocks using a jelly roll. The blocks are made but I’ve never put them together. Seeing these makes me think it’s time to pull them out and do something with them.

  2. Laura H

    Is that a single contrast fabric in the top quilt? It looks like a purple/black print from here. Used throughout the quilt?
    What a striking contrast it makes! Is it the same width as the varying colors? I love the things you show us; now, I really want to make this one!
    Your photos reminded me of our years in Newport News and walking the trails near the Mariners’ Museum and at NN Park off of the Ft Eustis-Yorktown Rd. Great friendships there. (But I don’t miss the humidity.)
    Asking God’s BLESSINGS on your time with your family.

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