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Missing Maine

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The HeartStrings Maine sew-in just ended and I really missed being there this year … I always find inspiration for my quilting.

I’m not a fan of the Jelly Roll Race quilts but after they did a race at one of our Maine sew-ins I came home and played with a jelly roll myself – this top is still waiting for the butterflies to be appliquéd. 

We also had a tumbler race … Since I fly in and don’t carry a machine with me I always participate after the sew-in. This is the last top I quilted in July that is still waiting for binding but I love the fabrics in this one – scraps from a couple other quilts that had been thrown in a bin. I also love leaving the irregular edges on these and it’s not hard to bind either. 

I’m always inspired by the quilts Ann makes and copied one of her settings for this HeartStrings variation. 

Sharon inspires me with her planned HeartStrings quilts – I pulled fabric in July to make two more of these when I get back home and have time in the sewing room. 

Jackie’s another one who inspires me to come home and sew. This is my version of a top she pieced one year. 

It’s been a busy couple years for me and Keith but we’ve loved the time we’ve spent in Maine and are talking about spending another month there sometime in the future. For sure, I’ll attend the HeartStrings sew-in next year !

Chesty loved Maine too!

Not much to share

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I don’t have much to show for the last couple days – I did manage to finish a hat for Rae – made from the same action one skein hat pattern in one of my books – I’m going to cast on a scarf for a change later tonight.

 In the meantime, I spent some time looking at vintage quilts on eBay   I love half square triangle quilts and I love the rows of them in this one. 

I want to make another version of this one of these days … I call it Triangle Scraps and I do have some brief instructions on my website. 

For a kiddie quilt, upsizing the blocks to 6 inches makes for a quick project

Unless you’re big stitch hand quilting it and haven’t touched it in months like my pink and purple one!

A change in plans

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My schedule needs to be flexible right now and rather than being home for a few more days as planned, I’m heading back to VA in the morning. Today was spent getting myself organized for being gone for another 3 weeks and a little sewing, a little football, and a walk along the bay. 

I did manage to finish the binding on the Drunkard’s Path quilt watching the Vikings beat the Packers tonight – I call that a win-win! (I’m leaving at 5am so no chance to get a better photo before I leave). This makes UFO finish #12 for the year. 

I didn’t make much progress on assembling the HeartStrings top but it will be waiting for me when I get home. 

Loved being home and walking along the bay in the evening.

Loved spending time with Keith

In the sewing room

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I think my plans for the days I’m going to be home were overly ambitious but I’m just going to putter along. 

First up – binding. This one is ready for me to hand stitch down tonight. 

2nd up – I put the HeartStrings blocks up on the design wall and chose a sashing fabric. 

I’m not fan of sashing but that was the plan for these blocks so I’ve made a start – the first two rows are done and I’m stopping for the night. 

Going back in time

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I’m not a social person and not one to have a lot of friends but I met up with an old friend today that I hadn’t seen in a couple years and we had a great time catching up. We went to nursing school together and since my photos from those days are at Big Canoe, I’ll just share this photo of me to demonstrate how long ago that was 🙂

I’ve promised Rita we’ll get together again soon since I’ll be coming back and forth to VA in the next couple months. 


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EDIT: based on some of the comments I probably wasn’t clear – I know some people need patterns and certainly new quilters need step by step instructions on the process of quilting but in those cases I’d spend my money on a good book rather than buying such a simple pattern for $9. 

Am I crazy? I was cruising Pinterest tonight and saw this quilt – $9 for the pattern?!! Really?!! Does anyone pay that for a quilt pattern as simple as this?

I make simple quilts and sometimes when I post instructions I wonder if they’re even necessary – I think someone could look at this and figure it out without any instructions … And my instructions are free. It’s hard to believe that people would pay $9 for instructions on sewing squares together.