We have lots of appointments this week so plenty of reading and knitting time. 

I finished one hat that will either be gifted or donated and started another one for my SIL. Both are the One Skein Action hat from one of my knitting books and made from fingering weight yarn. I’ve got yarn here to make one for Rae too. It’s just a little beanie but so easy to make that it’s the perfect project. I tried a scarf but have pulled it out twice already!! I may try again next week when we’ll have more time at home. 

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  1. Nancy

    Waiting rooms are perfect places to knit. I liked your hats made with fingering weight yarn so much, I’m knitting some too with some of my “why did I purchase that” yarn. I think it the yarn happier being a hat than socks.

  2. Shari

    I have a Woman’s Day magazine from 1972 that has a hat that looks very much like your hat. It has 25 different patterns that can be added about an inch above the ribs. I have made that hat for teachers, friends, family, etc all these years. The one I made my husband, he still wears when he runs. Unfortunately I my hands won’t let me knit or do handwork for more than 15 min so I’m glad the ones I made are still going strong.

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