It’s football season!

I didn’t get to watch the game today but I got updates from my NFL app during my walk – I never thought the notification feature on my Garmin watch was that useful but it’s nice when I’m walking to see who’s calling or texting and to get the game updates today without having to drag the phone out. 

We’ve got a 15K – 9.3 miles – coming up on October 2nd. Keith and Chris will do it at Ft DeSoto Park in St Pete and I’ll do it virtually from VA. Chris was able to change my registration for me so I don’t miss it. I did a longer training walk today – 7.26 miles. 

Go Vikings!

We had a quiet evening which for me meant knitting and a new audiobook. Casper decided to stay in the room with me too. What could be better? A book, some knitting, and a puppy! This hat will be for Rae – I try to make a couple for her each year but the first one I worked on is going to have to be frogged – I didn’t like the result at all. 

6 thoughts on “It’s football season!

  1. Sara F

    Your Garmin seems to be a great gadget. My older daughter got one earlier this summer and really likes it. I may need to look into that for my husband as his Fitbit seems to be dying.

    I’m really intrigued by the idea of virtual participation in that 15K. Cool idea.

  2. Carol in MN

    The Vikings may have an interesting year this year with losing their starting quarterback, but at least we got a win today. I’m glad to see that you are still a fan.

  3. Kathie L

    Good luck on your upcoming race. This past weekend we were race groupies with our daughter and her husband since our granddaughter was running her first marathon here in our hometown of Allentown, PA. I drove us to points where we could see her and cheer her on. She made it and was so happy to have finished.

  4. Laurie Gathje

    PUPPY??? Is this new? And watching the Vikes could be a roller coaster ride this year but I’m hoping for more!

  5. Bonnie in Va

    I can cheer for the purple but it will be the Ravens. Not that big of a fan of professional football. Much prefer So. Cal and most of the Pac 10? 12? Whatever number they are up to now. Nothing like a dog to keep you company!

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