Telling on myself

No one would know about my yarn obsession if I didn’t tell on myself but somehow I can’t resist sharing all my treasures. I’ve done a bit of online yarn shopping over the last few weeks but I’m still knitting hats so at least I’m using some of it. I also cast on another scarf and mailed it off to Mom to knit – she’s enjoying her knitting and I’m happy to share my yarn stash with her!

A peek at my last 3 yarn orders!

5 thoughts on “Telling on myself

  1. Penny G

    My girls always laughed because I would buy something indulgent and tell them not to tell dad. When we got home the first thing I would do was tell him. Loved sharing the joy of indulgences. I think you enjoy sharing your joy over your fun purchases.

  2. Charleen

    Enjoy your beautiful yarns!! I’m always looking for new hat ideas. What patterns are you using? I’ve made a bunch of the Hurricane hats. They’re great for mindless knitting – I keep them in the car for those unexpected delays.

  3. Sheila

    I’m not online much anymore, but I always enjoy catching up on your blog. You get so much done and inspire me!! Love the yarn – my other guilty pleasure also. Someday I will own a skein of Wollemeise… I remember when some people would babysit the screen in order to buy it when it came online. I wonder if that’s still the case. Take care.

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