They love quilts

This may be why they get so many of my quilts! Chris sent a photo of Becky using the PLUS quilt. In my mind it was a child size quilt but as you can see, it makes a great lap quilt for an adult too. 

6 thoughts on “They love quilts

  1. Sara F

    It’s always great to see our quilts being used. I was thrilled last winter to see my older daughter had 3 quilts in their new house (new to them), all well laundered and soft – and ready for anyone to cuddle with.

    I also love to make lap sized quilts for even adults. Perfect for curling up on the sofa.

  2. Carol

    So happy and appreciated. That’s what this picture says to me Mary. Such a nice feeling to have when all your hard work is embraced. Great job and such wonderful memories for you all.

  3. Bonnie in Va

    Love the colors in that quilt. A Plus quilt is in my future…after I finish a few I’m working on now. Yours is so attractive… glad you find appreciative recipients.

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