Do you ever remake a quilt? I know some people find that boring but I’ve been known to do it – after all artists work in series right?

My spiderweb quilt is a good example – I liked the first one I made. 

But I loved the one Mom and I made for Chris. 

10 thoughts on “Remake

  1. Nancy

    I do like the second one best: the burgundy really catches my eye, but the frame around the first one and the wider border are great additions.

  2. Nancy

    I do remake quilts. They always look different with alternative colorways. I am currently working on the 5th remake of a favorite pattern – and I don’t get bored because of the different colorways and the time between them.

  3. Nann

    Both quilts are great. They really show off the spiderweb effect. My preference is for the second quilt. Without borders the focus is completely on the block design.

  4. Sara F

    Both are beautiful but look very different because of the fabrics and colors used.

    I have several quilt patterns that I like so much that I’ve made them multiple times. One of those is your Quick Strippee pattern – I’ve made at least 6. Same with the Adkinson pattern called Yellow Brick Road. Both make great kid/baby quilts and I keep making them over and over again. And I’ve made several log cabin quilts over the years.

  5. Penny G

    I hate to remake the same quilt, but if I change colors and especially if they go from brights to subdued or solids to solid feel I don’t think it is thesame.

  6. Keek

    They have a kaleidoscope effect when one of the edges of the triangles blends into the background color. It’s like a fractured mirror under water. Don’t know if that effect was intentional, but it’s crazy cool!

  7. Susan

    I don’t often make a quilt twice as there are so many ideas to bring to fruition. However, I made your Chris spiderweb quilt and it is definitely one I’d like to repeat!

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