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For years I’d used a free service for my web stats and I really liked the info it provided but one day without warning it went away so I had to search for a new plug-in. It doesn’t have the referral sites which I found interesting – for example which sites had links to specific quilts on my website but this is an interesting stat from the new plug-in. The top 10 pages on my site. 

Just in case you haven’t visited, I post brief instructions of the quilts I make on my website. They assume you have a basic knowledge of quilting and since my quilts are scrappy they don’t usually provide fabric amounts but if you’re curious about how I make a certain quilt, it’s enough information to get you started on one of your own. 

7 thoughts on “Web Stats

  1. Shirley

    How interesting that Ideas for Veterans Quilts had the most visits. I was able to attend an awards ceremony for Quilts of Valor this summer and it was a very touching experience. I always recommend your site for inspiration when I meet new quilters:)

  2. Stephani in N. TX

    Am please to think that my hovering over your blog site daily is included in those stats. I enjoy your blog Mary. Amazing what feedback you can have when you are up to date on tech info.

  3. Bonnie in Va

    I recommend your site frequently — but generally in person — quilt guilds and the like. Your directions are perfect from my point of view. I’ve been quilting a long time and really don’t need directions for most quilts I see. You just make it way easier. Thanks bunches.

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