Going back in time

I’m not a social person and not one to have a lot of friends but I met up with an old friend today that I hadn’t seen in a couple years and we had a great time catching up. We went to nursing school together and since my photos from those days are at Big Canoe, I’ll just share this photo of me to demonstrate how long ago that was 🙂

I’ve promised Rita we’ll get together again soon since I’ll be coming back and forth to VA in the next couple months. 

10 thoughts on “Going back in time

  1. Sara F

    The white cap makes me think about photos from my own college days. I had several friends in the nursing program and they all have similar photos.

  2. Judy

    Love this picture! My nursing school uniform was light chambray blue with the white pinafore. Different cap of course. Remember when you knew what school a nurse had attended by the cap she wore?

  3. Vic in NH

    That’s when nurses looked like nurses and knew something from their training. I see so many medication errors and incompetence now in health care that it frightens me.

  4. Shirley

    Miss the caps and crisp white uniforms. My mother was hospitalized before she passed away and was always confusing the janitorial staff for the nurses!

  5. Nancy

    Oh I just love the picture! I pulled my nursing graduating picture out after seeing yours oh those were the days caps and all! Lol

  6. Marcy

    I went to a 3 yr nursing program. Remember when you could identify what yr. the student was by cap. Added a stripe on cap the 2nd yr., 2 stripes the last yr. All RNS wore a cap! We went to school year round, had classes and worked the floors, had ridiculous curfews and LOTS of rules. Think we absorbed a LOT of knowledge and our students did well after graduation. Not sure today’s method of learning nearly as complete.

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