EDIT: based on some of the comments I probably wasn’t clear – I know some people need patterns and certainly new quilters need step by step instructions on the process of quilting but in those cases I’d spend my money on a good book rather than buying such a simple pattern for $9. 

Am I crazy? I was cruising Pinterest tonight and saw this quilt – $9 for the pattern?!! Really?!! Does anyone pay that for a quilt pattern as simple as this?

I make simple quilts and sometimes when I post instructions I wonder if they’re even necessary – I think someone could look at this and figure it out without any instructions … And my instructions are free. It’s hard to believe that people would pay $9 for instructions on sewing squares together. 

20 thoughts on “Really?!

  1. Bonnie

    I think the same way, after show and tell at a meeting , a request for a pattern….all half square blocks, half white, half color with no borders, and could it be other sizes?

  2. Donna T

    Sorry Mary but I’m one of those silly people who would pay for the instructions! I wouldn’t be able to decide on the size of the squares, etc.! I bought two panels for QOV quilts and I am having a really hard time trying to make a quilt out of them! I’ve decided these are the first and last panels I will ever buy! The patterns I found for free have different size panels, no problem I thought, I will just adjust the sizes! Ha! I have to have a pattern that I can follow! Don’t even get me started on how hard it is to choose fabrics! I know people who think buying quilt kits are so mass produced, not individual enough but I have the pattern and the fabric all chosen for me! You are lucky you can improvise and create without a pattern! I am not so fortunate!

  3. Judy

    Amazing! With all of the free patterns out there, I find it hard to spend money on patterns or books these days. Even beginners can find very good tutorials.

  4. Diana Edwards

    I always check the pictures out really close. Most time you can figure the pattern out yourself. So many free patterns out there. The local quilt shop has quilting classes…101,102,103 and 104. In the 104 you are taught how to draft your own patterns.

  5. Mary D

    There are so many beginning quilters that need help in putting together quilts that patterns help them. Many do not know to search for free patterns are where to look for them. We seasoned quilters can figure out just about anything we want to make but many quilters have trouble with quilt math, creative ideas, what works how and when so patterns are a way for them to be creative and enjoy this passion of our.

    I just taught my niece and sister to sew and will be teaching my sister-in-law to sew and I know neither one of them could figure out a quilt design on their own to make. With a simple pattern and directions along with some support, I believe either one of them could create a quilt especially the one pictured.

  6. Carolyn

    Mary, I’m always astounded that people will pay good money for many of the patterns that are out there. I rarely buy a tower of fabric unless I fall in love with all of it…Midwinter Reds being one that comes to mind, along with some of the Bonnie & Camille fabrics because I had nothing like that in my stash and my daughter wanted a quilt out of them. I love the creativity of your quilts…choosing fabrics that go together rather than blindly following the masses. Quilting like we used to, before it because the multi-billion (?)dollar industry it is today. While I have nothing against good patterns that are worth the price, I find the only books I buy anymore are from Jo Morton and Kim Diehl. To be honest, I’ve only made one or two of the quilts in Jo’s books and none in Kim’s…I buy them because I like to look at them! I will pay for an applique pattern if I love it…mainly because I can’t draw!

  7. Sara F

    I totally agree – a design that simple doesn’t even need a pattern. They can make it any size they want by simply choosing what size square they start with.

  8. Nancy

    I’ve seen simple patterns for sale on Craftsy, too. It seems like stealing to me, but then if some purchases the patterns,I guess they want to spend the money. I definitely wouldn’t.

  9. Carol

    How fortuitous Mary that you raised this subject. I too usually graft out my own patterns or just wing it from a quilt picture. Yesterday I did purchase a PDF download pattern from a designer because my quilt kit needed using for a gift and the pattern it contained didn’t suit after all. Basically I was looking for a pattern that used the same amount of fabric in this kit.(which use mostly pre-cuts) I was so shocked though when the pattern printed out. You see each instruction page had NOT FOR RESALE boldly worded diagonally across the steps. It is so distracting. So I complained to the designer and ASKED FOR A REFUND. I was emailed back that the reason was she was protecting her copyright. No mention of this on her site. Hmm this is not instructions for a nuclear submarine.I paid over $11 for this pattern in it’s marred condition. Never again. What is the quilting world coming to? So back to the drawing board and to relish the ways of old. Such a shame that scraps for a loving gift has become a money mad enterprise. Not what our forefathers envisioned. Have a nice day everyone the tried and true methods will now prevail. LoL.

  10. Crystal

    I ask myself that question a lot. With so many free patterns available, I haven’t purchased a pattern in quite awhile.

    Crystal in Cedar City

  11. Bonnie in Va

    What an interesting topic. Buy or not to buy. I do buy patterns on occasion. Sometimes it is because I really like the pattern and I want to support the designer. If folks can’t make money from their profession what will happen to it? The last pattern I can remember purchasing needed a specific ruler. I looked at it for a good 6 months before I committed to it. Then I bought a bundle of fat quarters for it. And now all of it sits waiting for me to have time. Yes, it will get done but probably not until next year! I think some of the patterns especially those sold on Etsy may be geared to non quilters. The one shown seems especially so to me. This post has been a great discussion starter.

  12. Nancy

    Over the last few weeks I have been packing my house to move. I seem to have saved every quilting magazine I have ever received so I have been culling them. I was surprised at how many really had the same quilt patterns in a different color way. Most were just traditional blocks with a twist on layout. This is really going tom make me evaluate my magazine purchases.
    I have purged six grocery bags of magazines. That in itself will make me evaluate my magazine spending.

  13. Marky

    I”m like you. I can look at a quilt and figure out how to make it…but then I am mathematically inclined and enjoy the challenge. I learned to quilt back in the day when how to draft patterns was where you started; when I started teaching quilt classes I was surprised to hear a lot of women say, “I wish I’d paid attention in math class. Now I have a use for that information.”

  14. ---"Love"

    Certainly I’ve bought more patterns and books than I’ll ever use! Now when I see a quilt or a picture I like, the first thing I do is start trying to locate “the block”. Then it is easier to make the quilt without a pattern. I know that from recent experience; I just finished the biggest challenge of my quilting days! —“Love”

  15. Sharon Jones

    I agree with you Mary, the price of some patterns, is ridiculous. I thought it was just me being stingy, but simple patterns for big $$, grrrrr.

  16. Moneik

    I have to agree with you Mary, however I think it’s because of our experience that we are able to do this. There are so many people who can not even simply look at your strippy quilt pattern and cut and sew some strips together to make a quilt. They fear it will be “wrong”. It amazes me how many people are like this, but it’s simply lack of experience and fear or the unknown. I once bought a kit for the pattern for a taggy blanket. I could have made it on my own, but really liked the sample and wanted to remember how to do it. Only to find out the pattern was free on “Moda Bakeshop”. I was livid and vowed not to buy a kit again. What we feel is simple isn’t always as easy for those starting out.

  17. Dee

    I thought it was just me. I could not understand the price on this pattern. If you are a beginner I can purchasing a pattern such as this but certainly not at this price tag.

  18. Ellen

    Beginners have fears about doing it wrong. Fears about buying fabric and how much. Fears of doing it wrong (like really can we do anything that wrong when the result is a warm hug?)

    Many of us become fearless and go into the creativity with wild abandon while others require the structure. I WAS one of the structure quilters for many years. It is just in recent years that I became a quilter of abandon and jumped ship to the creativity side. oh so much more fun and challenging.

    If only we could reach out to every new quilter so that structure and buying patterns are boring and irrelevant. 🙂

    Quilt on!

  19. Angie

    I’m trying to remember back to when I first had an interest in quilting. I bought a book at JoAnn fabrics. I inhaled that book. It was a “beginners” quilt book. And Yes, back then I would probably have bought this pattern you are showing. Just because I literally knew nothing, zero, zilch about making a quilt top. I do think that $9.00 is to expensive for this pattern though—$5.00 would be more like it.
    Back when I started quilting there was not all the information online that is available now. There were no local quilt guilds either. Just books it seems. There are still beginning quilters that would buy this pattern.

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