Not much to share

I don’t have much to show for the last couple days – I did manage to finish a hat for Rae – made from the same action one skein hat pattern in one of my books – I’m going to cast on a scarf for a change later tonight.

 In the meantime, I spent some time looking at vintage quilts on eBay   I love half square triangle quilts and I love the rows of them in this one. 

I want to make another version of this one of these days … I call it Triangle Scraps and I do have some brief instructions on my website. 

For a kiddie quilt, upsizing the blocks to 6 inches makes for a quick project

Unless you’re big stitch hand quilting it and haven’t touched it in months like my pink and purple one!

4 thoughts on “Not much to share

  1. Penny G

    Sorry that you aren’t accomplishing crafts, but the love and peace of mind you are giving your brother and sister-in-law are so precious. You inspire me!

  2. Julierose

    We all have spells where we are not productive; actually, i kind of look forward to them as i then turn my attention to other crafts….collage, reading, scrapbooking, glue books, knitting, embroidery…one is bound to please…you are doing a good thing here…hugs, Julierose

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