Missing Maine

The HeartStrings Maine sew-in just ended and I really missed being there this year … I always find inspiration for my quilting.

I’m not a fan of the Jelly Roll Race quilts but after they did a race at one of our Maine sew-ins I came home and played with a jelly roll myself – this top is still waiting for the butterflies to be appliqu├ęd. 

We also had a tumbler race … Since I fly in and don’t carry a machine with me I always participate after the sew-in. This is the last top I quilted in July that is still waiting for binding but I love the fabrics in this one – scraps from a couple other quilts that had been thrown in a bin. I also love leaving the irregular edges on these and it’s not hard to bind either. 

I’m always inspired by the quilts Ann makes and copied one of her settings for this HeartStrings variation. 

Sharon inspires me with her planned HeartStrings quilts – I pulled fabric in July to make two more of these when I get back home and have time in the sewing room. 

Jackie’s another one who inspires me to come home and sew. This is my version of a top she pieced one year. 

It’s been a busy couple years for me and Keith but we’ve loved the time we’ve spent in Maine and are talking about spending another month there sometime in the future. For sure, I’ll attend the HeartStrings sew-in next year !

Chesty loved Maine too!

9 thoughts on “Missing Maine

  1. Linda H

    Thanks for the picture of Chesty … I just thought about him the other day. He looks like he’s having a blast on that beach with Keith … wind blowing through his fur/ears and his sweater is adorable!

  2. Girl in the Stix

    I love all the different quilts. My quilt bucket list just keeps getting longer. Thanks for the Chesty photo–he looks so happy!

  3. Ruth

    We were just in Maine for the very first time. Boothbay Harbor and Ogunquit, with a stop in Portland for Tess Designer Yarns. Loved it and will go every year if possible.

    Do you know of any good quilt shops? There’s one outside of Ogunquit, which I liked a lot (can’t remember the name).

  4. Sara F

    Seeing all of the different quilts was fun. Sounds like the quilters in Maine have been a lot of inspiration over the years. That is nice to know a group like that. I’m sure you inspire them as well.

  5. Penny G

    Sorry that you missed Maine. You have many great memories and a lot to look forward to on you next visit. Glad you did this post since you reminded me how much you give.

  6. grace thorne

    it isn’t called vacationland for nothing…unfortunately for the residents vacationland often means unemployment…

  7. Jackie in NJ

    We missed you in Maine at least as much as you did us. It just wasn’t the same without you and we didn’t accomplish nearly as much without you tying. In fact, I don’t think Rebecca knew what to do with herself for a couple of days without the quilts to bind! But it was fun to get together with the regulars and great to see Ann again. Hopefully all will make it again next year.

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