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I got the binding on the tumbler and set it aside to hand stitch tonight. I like to keep the irregular edges on my tumbler quilts – it’s not hard to bind it but you do have to pivot the quilt frequently to follow the edges. 

I also cut out and assembled the Dino strippie top. I know a little boy mad for dinosaurs who asked his Gram for a quilt in July while we were at Big Canoe. 

I’m going to get out for a walk and then I’ll sit and bind. 


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Chris, Becky, and Rae are going on a cruise with Becky’s parents leaving from the port of Tampa and they planned to spend the night before they left here at the house with us. At one point we weren’t even sure if we’d be here but both of us got home yesterday evening….only to find out the upstairs A/C wasn’t working!! We used a couple fans in our bedroom but decided the kids would be better off sleeping downstairs on the sofa. We do have a cot for Rae so only Chris and Becky shared the big sectional sofa. 

We just had time for breakfast and a walk in the park this morning before they left. 

Now it’s time to spend a couple hours in the sewing room – I changed into shorts and have two floor fans plus the ceiling fan going and I’m hoping it won’t get any hotter up here! First up is finishing the sashing on these HeartStrings blocks. 


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The house is a complete mess but I’m here – the drive today was shorter, just 6 and a half hours but lots of traffic and construction to deal with. After 15 and a half hours driving yesterday and today, I’m glad to be out of the car. Keith will be home within the next couple hours and I’ve unloaded the car (but not carried anything upstairs or unpacked) and I’m going to sit and relax in the library until Keith gets here. 


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My sister-in-law passed away in the early morning hours of October 19 after a short battle with cancer. I’m so thankful for these last weeks I was able to spend with her and my brother. 

Our family has gathered to say goodbye – the visitation is tonight and the funeral tomorrow – She was so loved and will be missed by us all.


After a brief side trip to spend a day with Mom, I’ll be driving home – I’ll take it easy and will arrive on Friday. 

Blogging break

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I’m going to take a break from blogging right now, I’ll be back when I return home and can focus on quilting. I’m going to close comments but I know that your thoughts and prayers are with me and my family. Thank you all.

Doll quilt

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Over the last year or so Mom has been making doll quilts and blankets for the little girls in the family. (I’ve shown you how Rae loves to cover up her dolls and animals with her quilts!) Mom just made this one for my nephew’s daughter. Small projects like this are a nice break from larger quilts. 

Be Simple Variation

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Several people have asked about the scarf pattern. It’s free on Ravelry and it’s easy knitting. Just what I need right now. 

Pattern – Be Simple Variation. There’s an original Be Simple scarf but I like this one with the eyelet rows better. 

Yarn – Wollmeise Pure

Needle size – US 6

I’ve made this scarf a couple times already and it’s one Mom has made several times too. My favorite so far is this one which I’ve kept for myself. 

Right now I seem to be remaking projects – in part because I need things that are fairly simple and in part because they’ve turned out well and I find them really wearable. 

In addition to the Be Simple Variation #3,  I’ve got another Shine #2 in progress I’ve also pulled yarn for another Madison Scarf #2, and there’s another Action Hat in progress (it’s the one I just showed Rae modeling in my previous post) and yarn for several more of those.