The house is a complete mess but I’m here – the drive today was shorter, just 6 and a half hours but lots of traffic and construction to deal with. After 15 and a half hours driving yesterday and today, I’m glad to be out of the car. Keith will be home within the next couple hours and I’ve unloaded the car (but not carried anything upstairs or unpacked) and I’m going to sit and relax in the library until Keith gets here. 

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mayme

    Glad you are home safely. I’m so sorry about Lisa. May God grant your family peace and comfort.
    Relax and enjoy your weekend with Keith.

  2. Penny G

    Man, does that glass of wine look good. Home! Hooray! Keith is home by now. So glad that you can have some degree of normalcy in your life. Hope you get to just be in spite of the mess.

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