Chris, Becky, and Rae are going on a cruise with Becky’s parents leaving from the port of Tampa and they planned to spend the night before they left here at the house with us. At one point we weren’t even sure if we’d be here but both of us got home yesterday evening….only to find out the upstairs A/C wasn’t working!! We used a couple fans in our bedroom but decided the kids would be better off sleeping downstairs on the sofa. We do have a cot for Rae so only Chris and Becky shared the big sectional sofa. 

We just had time for breakfast and a walk in the park this morning before they left. 

Now it’s time to spend a couple hours in the sewing room – I changed into shorts and have two floor fans plus the ceiling fan going and I’m hoping it won’t get any hotter up here! First up is finishing the sashing on these HeartStrings blocks. 

6 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Sara F

    It’s so interesting to see how that dark sashing changes the look of the blocks. The colors seem darker and richer. Very pretty.

    Hope your AC gets fixed quickly so you can be comfortable sewing and sleeping.

  2. Penny G

    If it is not one thing it is 10 others. Hope the sewing goes well and everything gets fixed soon.

  3. Vic in NH

    Eeek, Florida with no AC upstairs? Love those fans and glad that you had plenty of power to run them there. Here in NH, it’s 40’s and rainy and windy so most of our leaves are gone now. The HS blocks look like they’re melting.

  4. Judy

    It must feel good to be sewing again. Hope the AC gets fixed soon. Still warm here in Missouri but no AC needed.

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