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A mountain of mail

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I made it home safely last night and Keith and I have enjoyed our time together today. I’ve also had to sort through a mountain of mail but most important was my ballot by mail as I won’t be home on Election Day. 

And while I don’t usually comment on politics on the blog sometimes I feel the need to take a stand. Feel free to comment and make your stand – I’ll read them all but won’t be responding either positively or negatively!

I’m still here

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Lots of a family around this weekend and I’d post a couple photos but my sister and Mom would kill me! Someone snapped a photo of Mom eating a powdered, lemon filled donut and it wasn’t a pretty sight but she enjoyed it. 

I did manage to watch the Vikings win last night and am getting some Bichon time in with Casper. 

If everything goes as planned and Hurricane Matthew doesn’t interfere, I should actually get 3 days at home this coming weekend. Cross your fingers and toes for me.