Still trying to catch up

I’ve still got such a mess in my office area and the more I do the worse it gets! Yesterday, I had a couple appointments and worked on the computer a while trying to finalize a log cabin design for Mom. She’s not crazy about the flower design I’ve chosen for the center so she’ll probably use something else but I love those tulips! I’m visiting her in a few weeks and taking the fabric so we can get this one cut out and started. I was kind of lazy and didn’t redraw the Log Cabin block with a smaller center but that piece will be the same size as the other logs. 

In spite of being too busy to get into the sewing room yesterday, I did manage to spend some time on eBay looking at vintage quilts. It’s where I get most of my quilting inspiration. 

I’m heading to the sewing room now to work on sewing those tumbler rows together. They’re going a lot faster than I expected. I guess I’ll have to cut some more scraps for another one of these. Not sure why I waited two years to sew this one together either!

3 thoughts on “Still trying to catch up

  1. Linda H

    What are the keywords you put into the “search” box on eBay to find vintage quilts. I’ve tried those two words … vintage quilts … but get too many hits. Those are very nice ones you happened upon 😉 Linda

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