I’m lazy about labeling quilts these days – I don’t think I’ve labeled a single one in the last 2+ years but Mom wanted a couple labels for quilts she’s giving and I thought I’d do one for Caleb’s quilt. I’m using  Printed Treasure sheets that run through my printer and will print 4 labels per page for this group. You can print more labels per page and I usually do for my generic labels. 

In the past I’ve used a word processing program but I have an app from Avery that allows me to design shipping labels and I decided to make the labels in that. It worked great. You can design a page of labels that are all the same or you can design each label on the page separately. You can use their clip art or you can use your own. I searched google for free dinosaur clip art and found this one for Caleb’s label. 

Once you’re done designing, you can preview and then print. What I like best is that it saves the document as a PDF which you save and print. It’s easy to print on a piece of plain paper first to make sure your margins are OK before putting the Printed Treasures sheet in the printer. 

Here’s a page of HeartStrings labels made with the same app. I’d show you the page of 4 labels including Caleb’s but then everyone would know who Mom is making quilts for and that’s a surprise!

2 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Penny G

    Love the label! I use the sheets, but I design in a different program and pretend I am doing a briefing and then print the slide. I use pictures occasionally – most recently for a memory quilt. He is going to be so thrilled with his quilt. Gram is so thoughtful.

  2. Laura Haynes

    How well can you read them after repeated washings? Our group makes quilts for foster kids and figures the quilts will get washed frequently. We haven’t used computer printable labels (yet) because the packages of labels at our (big fabric) store warn not to wash the labels/quilts in detergent. Risk of fading the label? We have no clue which type of product will be used to clean the quilts. So we ordered labels made with the “garment-printed” process from an embroidery store. Just the printing process cost us $0.58/label; doesn’t include the cost of the muslin. We’d love to have a less expensive, long-lasting option.

    If the brand you use holds up well after many washes, I may buy some for labeling my own works in progress.

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