Pineapple Quilt

I’m sorting through and organizing my photos (a never ending task) and came across this one of the Pineapple quilt so many of you commented on last week – it’s the one I have on the daybed we just moved to Keith’s office.  Mom loved this quilt so I gave it to her but when she moved last January she had to ‘downsize’ her quilt collection and I got it back!

I made the blocks using the Quilt in a Day method and their 12 inch ruler although I chose my own color schemes and layout. 

3 thoughts on “Pineapple Quilt

  1. Clara

    The quilt is just beautiful. I have such a hard time with borders. I know their purpose is to frame the quilt and enhance the colors and design of the quilt.

    But even though I think I choose appropriate fabric to coordinate with the blocks—-somehow, my borders never quite look as pretty as I think they should. So I mostly just make quilts that have no borders. 🙂

    I love love the borders on your pineapple quilt. They are just perfect.

  2. Florence

    Your quilt is stunning! The Quilt in a Day phrase always makes me laugh. Even if I didn’t work full time, I don’t think there is a quilt that I could do in one day! Safe travel — and Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

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