It’s the little things

The guest bed arrived today and other than needing to press those pillow cases ( not sure how they got so wrinkled in the wash!) I’m almost ready for company. It will be another couple weeks before the kitchen is finally done and then we’ll be ready for company in Dec and Jan. I’ve got a red quilt that I’ll bring back from Big Canoe for the bed and the good news is that there’s still room for my table! So I can spill over into this room with my sewing when needed.

3 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Linda

    Oh, yes! A quilter needs a “spill over” room. What would we do without the guest room! (Except when guests are on their way over –then it’s nightmare city trying to find a place for all the “spill overs” –or at least, that is the way it is here.)

  2. Judy

    Have you thought of mounting a small quilt on the wall above the bed to act as a visual headboard?
    (I staple mine to the wall – staples are not much bigger than some of the pins I use in my sewing!)

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