Carpenter Star

After waffling most of yesterday and today about what to work on, I decided to start the Carpenter Star this afternoon. It’s another one of the kits I cut from stash while I was at Big Canoe in July. I’ve done this one before in brown and pink and this time I’m working with green and brown.

As I’ve said before, I often refer back to my own instructions when I’m making a quilt a again. This one is easy to piece in 4 sections and quick too – I’ve already got two done. I’m using a single fabric for the background here although the first one had a scrappy background. In this case, I was trying to cut multiple kits and it was just easier to use one.

This pattern also makes a great Christmas Tree Skirt. Mom has made several of them including this one.

It was beautiful along the bay tonight when we went out for our walk.

5 thoughts on “Carpenter Star

  1. Sharon Ray

    Love the carpenter star. Now I have finally found the tree skirt I need to make. Thanks and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Chris

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    I love this quilt and will consider making it. What type of cutter do you use for your fabric? Is it an accuquilt, and if so what model? I have been considering purchasing one for awhile now and think it may help my efficiency in quilting.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Tanya

    I’ve always planned to make a carpenter’s wheel quilt. It makes a great Christmas tree skirt doesn’t it!

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