I’m in the sewing room this afternoon working on the Carpenter Star …

I’ve been gathering the stuff that needs to go to GA and VA with me.

I started to think about a free pattern from Shannon Fabrics that I’d sent Mom a link to and that I could take one of my Strippie kits and add a border fabric. 

So I went to the fabric closet and came up with three possibilities. I’ll make the gray one myself but I’ll offer Mom a choice of the other two. 

Her first choice

Her second choice

Just a note of caution – if you decide to download the pattern – they use Minkee and it calls for 1/2 inch seams. I’ll use cotton and 1/4 inch seams but may just back it with Minkee. We made a quilt for my sister that she loves and I’ve bought more Minkee to back quilts for my nephew, for Mom, and for a Xmas present. I’ve had good experience with the Minkee from Shannon Fabrics too – they’ve donated several bolts over the last few years to HeartStrings for our Maine sew-in. 

4 thoughts on “Distracted!

  1. Connie H.

    Checked out Shannon Fabrics, but I guess you can’t buy direct from them. Their cuddle fabric looks great. You always seen to find the perfect fabric to match your novelty print. Do you normally find them at Fabric. com? I bought several novelty prints awhile ago from them and couldn’t find anything too match that well. With all the fabric they carry, it might be that I just don’t have the patience to look though. Enjoy reading your blog. Have a great holiday season.
    Connie from Ohio

  2. Judy

    I use Safari on an Ipad and receive your posts by email. With the new format, the print was too small to read. I enlarged but then cut off the photos. Everything was fine when I went to the blog on Safari, but something changed in the email edition. BTW, love the dinosaur print in the yellow and gray.

  3. Diana from SC

    Thanks for sharing the Menagerie pattern. Think I will look thru the flannels to see what I can come up with.

  4. The Joyful Quilter

    Sorry that you’ve been distracted, but you’ve pulled some great options for those new quilts! I like your gray one and the 2nd choice for your Mom. Give me teal and lime EVERY time and I’m a happy camper!!

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