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I’m trying a new template for the blog because I’ve had some issues with uploading photos with the old template. I had a comment saying the headers and links aren’t showing up for her with the new format. 

I have no issues using Safari or Chrome on the iPad. Are any of you having issues? Can you tell me if you’re having problems with the new format yes or no and what browser you’re using to visit the site. 


EDIT: thanks to some initial comments I noticed that the sidebar disappeared when my iPad was held vertically and the links were at the end of the page but were on the side when the iPad was held horizontally. I tweaked a thing or two and now the sidebar appears on the right no matter which way I hold the iPad. 

25 thoughts on “Quick question

  1. Karen

    The links etc are at the end of your posts so I needed to page way down to find them. I thought they were missing too.

    I am looking at this on my iPad. I think my browser is safari. I like the new format. The pictures are larger and clearer. 😊

  2. Kristy Wilkinson

    No problems for me either with Chrome on a Mac. Love all your quilts you are working on or planning to work on! K-

  3. Shari

    AOL on PC. (I’m old..LOL) I have links on the side. no pictures in the header, but I do have the walking for fun pic on the side.

  4. Penny G

    I use chrome on a PC and loved the new format from the first time I saw it. Everything shows up. I just read a few posts I missed and as always you inspire me with your joyful giving nature and the fact that you count your blessing when many would be wallowing with sadness or annoyance. Hope you get a lot done in Georgia and Virginia.

  5. Charleen

    Everything looks great on my mac and iPad – both with Safari. Sometimes the pages are distorted if people have enlarged their text for easier reading.

  6. Darlene

    Using iPad with Safari. Today the writing is so small, I have a hard time to read it – pictures are great though

  7. Joanne

    Reading via Feedly, then pulled up in Safari on ipad. Looks great, but no photos in header. Walking picture and sidebar are there.

  8. Robin

    I agree with person who said they miss the color. It feels a bit cold….but, I’ll get used to it.
    Archives, etc are along the right side on my iPad. Love your blog!

  9. Kim

    I’ve been reading your posts via email on my iPad, and had no problem until today. The print suddenly became microscopic! Impossible to read, for sure. The blog itself looks great.

  10. Florence

    Very easy reading with all links visible. I don’t know my browser — I have you listed in Favorites from Google.

  11. Julia

    Mary, this format is easier to read and very sharp!! I use Windows10 with Edge, no problems!! Displays all photos and loads quickly.

    Have a wonderful visit with your Mom and safe travels. Wish the best for you and family during the holidays.

  12. Keek

    It looks the best in Chrome on my PC. Microsoft Edge renders the font differently and in bold. Also, the image resolution is low and you can watch them slowly load. Microsoft IE is a little better. It loads faster than Edge, but the images are not optimally rendered.

    In summary, Chrome is the best for me. The font stays true, the site loads fast and the images are sharp.

  13. Sue Vermeland

    Hi Mary….I’m having an issue reading this as an e-mail. That is normally what I do, I don’t come to the blog to read. The pics are huge and I have to scroll to read everything. I’m using Firefox and a networked PC…and from what I see, I’m the problem child yet again! LOL Guess I just need to come here to read.

  14. Jackie

    I love the new format. I’m using Chrome on both my PC and laptop and everything is very clear and where it should be. Pictures are great. Thanks for your blog, one I look forward to everyday. You have a giving heart and it comes through on your blog. Happy Holidays.

  15. Jane Modjeski

    Am driving to Duluth. Hohoho. Or
    Not. Safari on iPhone. Takes getting use to. Less background. Scroll all way to bottom for extras.

    Crisp minimalist. If it works fir you then this is our bonus that you will
    Still blog. I wanna go to the light show here and Hayward. Married to grinch. :0)P

  16. Ellie

    If the new template works for you that’s good! We need you to continue blogging. My reaction at first was that it was really small type. I usually read your blog as email on my iPad. When clicked to the blog itself it was fine so that’s how I’ll read it if you continue n the new format.

  17. Mary

    Everything was fine until today’s post. Photos were clear but the font size looked like an 8 or maybe even a 6. I read your posts on my iPad. I haven’t noticed anyone else’s posts showing up in this tiny font. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for the link to the free pattern. I didn’t try the link but will do so now.

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