My 8 and a half hour drive was actually fairly pleasant today other than the hour + it took to get through Atlanta. I swear that traffic just keeps getting worse. I went through about 1:30 – 2:00pm trying to avoid rush hour but it seems like it’s always heavy traffic no matter what time – at least it was moving and by moving I mean if you’re doing the speed limit prepare to be run over!

I was happy to see that there’s still some fall color in the area but disappointed that there’s a burn ban because of the drought and I can’t have a fire. I don’t ever remember having a ban on inside fires but apparently even the chance of a spark from the chimney is too much risk. The first thing I did after unpacking the car was take a short walk to snap some photos. I love the colors of Autumn!

The second thing I did was to go downstairs and get a start on tomorrow’s quilt. I had some machine maintenance to take care of and then I loaded and started the first top. I’m just here at Big Canoe for a few days so the goal is to quilt 3 tops and at least two of them will have Minkee backings. One with batting and one without. I’m hoping this one isn’t going to be too warm but I’m sitting under a flannel quilt right now and am quite comfortable so hopefully it will make a perfect winter quilt. I have very little spare width so I’m crossing my fingers the backing doesn’t shrink up much (any!) with quilting. 

With Minkee backs I always load the quilts lengthwise so the least stretchy side is between the rollers. 

EDIT – I was confused when I loaded this quilt – the selvages should be on the sides not pinned to the leaders for the least stretchy side to be between the rollers. Luckily, I don’t ever roll these very tightly and the batting provides stability too. It all turned out OK on this quilt but it would have been more important to have it loaded correctly if I wasn’t using batting. 


9 thoughts on “Arrived

  1. Sherrill

    That looks like a lovely walking path and I, too, love the fall colors (tho I don’t like what comes after!!). Our last winter was so warm that I still have more than 1/2 cord of firewood left–hope I still have a bunch left after this winter! That quilt is beautiful.

  2. Ellie

    Lovely picture! But the email type is back to super small on my iPad. I can read it just fine on line. Enjoy your time at Big Canoe.

  3. Penny G

    Sorry you can’t have a fire, but you are right, the leaves are beautiful. Hope your time is pleasurable and that you get a little relaxation and restoration.

  4. Jane Modjeskii

    If anyone is having IPad problems with the print size you can very easily stretch the page with placing fingers on either side and pulling. The current layout I think is very reader accessible with the very handy list of old posts…..course topics would be nice… Kidding!!!! This is one of the friendliest blogs both in tone and accessibility that I receive. And no “messages from the sponsors” popping up in middle of large that won’t disappear. Thanks Mary!!

    Jane currently in Wisc

  5. Dar in MO

    Lovely Autumn pictures for your stroll. I noticed that your Gammill machine has similar rollers to mine. Does the front 3 bars tilt at all? My belly bar tilts outward and if I float a quilt top, it is positioned over the top of the highest bar. I don’t think I could get mine to do what yours does. Will have to try it and see. Thanks for the picture.

  6. Linda H

    This is a beautiful quilt … love the colors. I don’t like working with Minkee … messy … but I also don’t have a longarm so perhaps that’s the problem. Maybe I can convince the hubby that a longarm would solve my Minkee problem … LOL

  7. Sarah

    I always have the best luck attaching the selvages to the leaders. I know not to tighten the quilt as I advance each pass. I love Minky backings and have fully brainwashed my adult sons as well. You have a very nice quilt, and that backing matches perfectly. Love it when that happens!

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