I often think about selling this place when I’m not here – especially when there’s a problem like the leak from the unit above but it’s so convenient to visit the kids here and I love being surrounded by the trees. I’ve made Keith promise me that if we ever make the decision to sell, we have to come stay a week first. I fall back in love every time I come. 

My view this morning

My trip downstairs to work.

I’m heading out to meet the kids and I’ve got to run by Joann’s first but my green hourglass top is quilted. The pantograph is Feather Frond and I was just lucky enough not to run short on the backing. It would have been a huge problem but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. 

I love how this one climbs up the quilt vertically but I’ve got to confess I was mistaken yesterday (I’ll go EDIT that post). To load these Minkee backs on the longarm with the least stretchy side between the rollers you need to load it with the selvages on the sides – I did this one wrong but was lucky – I don’t ever roll these tight. 

This top was pieced 3 years ago and was at Big Canoe, I shopped online for the Minkee while I was in FL and can you believe what a great job I did picking the perfect shade of green for it?!!

Next up is one without batting and I’ve got to say this is a heavy quilt with the batting. It will make a great winter quilt for someone that has a lighter weight one to use in the other seasons but if I was going to use Minkee on a back for someone who was just getting ONE quilt – I would not use the batting!

For those getting the blog directly to your email – I think I know why the print is small sometimes – I changed formats so I could use larger photos – it’s better for viewing when people visit the site. The landscape photos (camera held horizontal) are wider than the portrait ones (camera held vertical) and that causes the type to be so small in your email that it’s impossible to read without enlarging it. I may play around with trying to use only vertical or square photos and see if that resolves the issue but sometimes I just want a full horizontal view so no promises. 

9 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Roma

    Hello Mary, Just want to say glad you are getting some quilting done. And will see your precious grand daughter Rae. She is a beauty..
    Not sure if you know this– your blog is on the 100 best list.. Yeah! You deserve this.. Wish you would get the gold medal from the site..
    Enjoy your time at Big Canoe and relax!!

  2. Nancy

    Wise decision to make a pact to stay a week before committing to listing the property. I’m in love, and I’ve only seen photos of the area.

    Love the green quilt.

  3. Florence

    That view is gorgeous! I hope you don’t have to sell. You’re all so blessed to have a home where you can all get together.

  4. Clara

    When you put Minkee on the back, do you still hand stitch the binding—-or do you do it all by machine? It seems like it might be difficult to hand stitch Minkee.

  5. Sara F

    The green minkee is exactly the right color. Perfect. I can understand why you love going there because the scenery is sure beautiful and tranquil.

  6. Pandy

    I’ve made several quilts with minky backing. I tried several ways. Minky and quilt top, no batting. – seems light. Minky, batting and quilt top – heavy and very warm. Minky, flannel for batting and quilt top – just right. Has that quilt feel without being overly heavy.

    Lovely pictures of the fall trees. Living in Phoenix I miss fall color.

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