2017 Goals

I’m working on finishing up December goals but also thinking ahead. While I’ll have specific monthly goals for my quilting and knitting, I have general goals for the year too. 

2017 goals

Quilt, knit, and walk more. Buy less fabric and yarn. 

Stephanie from my HeartStrings group is doing a no buy year but I know I won’t be successful with that so I’ll focus on buying less. Maybe I’ll manage some no buy months ?!
Also, Chris invited me to participate in a challenge with him – 2017 miles in 2017. He’ll run, I’ll walk and I’m sure that we’ll hit the goal together. Right now the only race I have planned is the 1/2 marathon the end of February so Keith and I will look for another race or two for the year to keep us motivated. Chris had a goal of one race per month last year and they ranged from 5k to half marathons and he overachieved – I think he ended up doing about 22 races. The 2017 miles don’t have to be done in races by the way – the races are just a way to motivate us for the training miles!

5 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. Pam in KC

    With the exception of “knit more” these could be my goals. I really like the 2017 miles in 2017. I may have to consider this one for myself.

  2. Florence

    2017 miles?? Yikes! Is that outdoor walking only, or can you use your bracelet to track your everyday miles.

  3. Sara

    In prior years, I have “no buy,” but is also “no fun” So I moved to “buy only ‘b’s'” such as borders, backings, backgrounds and that worked ok (not great, but ok). Then…..I set up a fabric in vs fabric out spreadsheet, and with this system, I can buy whatever I want and however much I want as long as the “fabric used” exceeds the “fabric purchased.” Works really well for me, and if I am “behind,” I just take in a few more QOVs to quilt offering to provide the backing fabric (boo-yah–at least 4 yards of fabric used!) and I can catch up quickly.

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