The binding is done on the 9 patch and I’m happier with this now. I looked for the photo of the vintage quilt that inspired it but have no idea where that photo went. The colors are completely different and the quilts don’t even look like they’re from the same block which is what I wanted to show. Oh well, I really do need to be more organized with my digital photos.  Brief instructions and a drawing of a RWB version are on the website. 

This is not a UFO but finishing it up this week keeps it from going on my 2017 UFO list next week!

I’m working on both Strippies today – I’m quilting some stabilizing lines on either side of the small strip so I can remove lots of the pins before starting the freemotion quilting. Since I’m using the same thread, I’m doing all the walking foot quilting first. I hate changing threads and feet back and forth!

8 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Jackie

    Just when I think I’m going to finish my UFO’s you come out with a spectacular quilt. Love this one. I’ts on my to do list.

  2. Penny G

    I love your man quilt. It may not have been planned as a man quilt, but my husband’s favorite colors and block made me think man quilt right away.

  3. Barbara Amorin

    Love the colors. See your post of May 25, 2015. It has a photo of a 9 patch in whites/pastels which might have been your inspiration.

  4. Carmel

    Loved this quilt when you sowed it prior to finishing. Loved it even more now. Such great colours. Great placement of the black blocks.

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