The Frog Strippie is quilted, trimmed and the binding has been sewn on – I’ll hand stitch it down this evening. I think I’m finally feeling a little more comfortable quilting on the regular machine but I still need plenty of practice to feel more than competent. I quilt these Strippies vertically so I make sure I can draw my design in the orientation I plan to quilt. I decided on a swirl in the smaller strip and a water-like meander in the large strip. 

And because someone always asks – I use Adobe Ideas on the iPad to practice/try out quilting ideas. It’s no longer available but a newer app, Adobe Draw has the same abilities including the ability to actually draw the quilt ideas on a photo of the top. Sometimes I do that but sometimes I just scribble it out like I did below. 

These frogs are so cute – this is the quilting in progress pictured below. I really am liking my room set up now. Having two machines is great because I’ve already got the 2nd Strippie partially quilted and I wouldn’t want to take off the free-motion foot to get the binding on the first quilt so I used the Elna for binding. 

2 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Judy

    I made a couple of your strippie quilts for a guild charity project and they were the ones most admired by my friends. I used some patchwork strips between the focus fabric as well as coordinating fabric strips. They are fun to make too.

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