This week I’m trying to balance time with Keith with spending lots of time in the sewing room finishing up as much as I can before the end of the year. He unexpectedly took off this week and next week from work to “use” rather than “lose” vacation time as his company only allows employees to carry over a certain number of vacation hours. 

I have lunch with him and then late in the day we’ve been taking our walk, having dinner, spending a couple hours watching a movie or reading in the library and when he heads to bed, I’ve gone back to work binding quilts. 

Last night we combined our walk with dinner heading to Ballast Point. I don’t fish but for those that do, there’s a fishing pier, a water play area that Rae enjoys when she visits, an a small restaurant where you can sit outdoors (which is great because after walking the 3 miles there, outdoors is best). Since we got caught in the rain on the walk home, we showered and settled into the library for a couple hours. 

I’m getting used to the activity metrics used on the Apple Watch. It still counts my steps but has 3 rings that you try to close each day – steps are not one of them unfortunately! Standing or moving once per hour, 30 minutes of exercise, and active calories (calculated by height, weight, activity, and pulse rate the best I can figure). The active calorie ring is the hardest to close although the goal can be adjusted. You can then track/view the results on your iPhone. 

I’m a gadget girl for sure but I’m telling you – for me having SOME kind of activity tracker helps me be more active so if that’s your goal, I would definitely recommend researching and buying one. I’ve also found that having some type of overall mileage goal helps too. I’ve had fun tracking my virtual progress along the Appalachian Trail on Walking 4 Fun this year and and am looking forward to teaming up with Chris for a combined total of 2017 miles in the coming year. I still have virtual miles to complete on the Appalachian Trail so I’ll continue on that too – so far I’ve made it to New York State but the end of the trail is in Maine so there’s more walking to be done!

2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    I just was looking at my account in Walking4Fun as I lost my Fitbit Alta (which I loved) and now have an Apple Watch too. I am on the hunt for a similar app for the watch. I’ll comment on your blog if I find one! I know I won’t be loggin into the other….

  2. Tanya watanabe

    I’ve enjoyed Walking 4 Fun after you once blogged about it. I am doing the Pacific Crest Trail and make my daily goal to catch up with other walkers who are ahead of me. I too have the widget now on my blog and was only disheartened once when the visual walker posted photos of HIking Naked day. One of his naked photos (albeit stuff hidden) was on my blog sidebar for a day until I got the evenings steps recorded!

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