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Merry Christmas

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I hope your holiday has been wonderful  and filled with family and love. Mine has!

I cooked most of the afternoon and didn’t think to take photos until Keith was cleaning up. There are plenty of leftovers. 

We don’t give many presents – but Rae got books and we all took turns reading with her except Chris I think although he spent plenty of time playing with her too. 

She got a quilt from Granny (my Mom) and loved it. 

I showed this quilt a while back when Mom finished it. I’d sent her a kit and we modified it – changing the appliqué to Owls and adjusting the size of the quilt. Rae made sure to test it out. 

Becky was the lucky one to get the green hourglass quilt of mine in our exchange. Here’s a final photo of it now that it’s been gifted. I love how this one turned out!

Tree decorating

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I’ve never done a lot of decorating for the holidays – it can all be accomplished in a day but we always made decorating day family time so the last couple years we’ve waited to decorate the tree until Rae arrived. Keith went grocery shopping, I spent time in the kitchen baking cookies and fixing a big meatloaf dinner and the kids went off to the beach for a while. Tonight we added the ornaments to the tree and now we’re ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 


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After spending time on the beach yesterday afternoon, we decided to drive home early across alligator alley (I didn’t see a single gator this trip!) and be here when the kids arrived at 1:30am. 

While Pop and Dad went to the grocery store, Rae put her doll to sleep by the ‘fire’ with her new quilt and then Rae and Pop watched some Paw Patrol. Gram needs to head to the kitchen and start making cookies!

Kind of poky!

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So I’m home for a few days and that means lots of catching up from being gone AND getting ready for the holidays too because we have one more trip before Chris, Becky, and Rae arrive to celebrate Christmas with us but you know I need time out … for knitting last night. This is a great audio book about the whaling ship the Essex. 

Today, I spent a little time in the sewing room. I started sewing the pieced border for the carpenter star quilt and got the binding on the hourglass quilt – tonight I’m working on hand sewing it down. I’ve got the fan on … it’s a warm one and not necessarily suited to 72 degree weather! So I’m slow but progress is being made. 


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I don’t do much but Keith has the lights up outside – we bought an artificial tree this year because we’re traveling again and won’t be home until the 23rd – no way to have a real tree here. We have an antique electric fireplace in the library – I had the shelves designed and build around it but I haven’t been able to find an electric insert that fits so for the holiday, I’ve filled it with Christmas lights. Don’t mind all the empty shelves – we’re still arrange, rearranging, searching for the books/items we want on them. 

We’ll decorate the tree when Chris, Becky, and Rae get here on the 23rd. I’ve already promised everyone meatloaf and Christmas cookies! The tree is also in the library and that’s a tree skirt made for me by Mom. 


I hope your holiday preparations are going well. I did manage to make it into the sewing room and the binding on the hourglass quilt is in progress and I’ve started piecing the border for the carpenter star quilt. Now it’s time to start hand stitching the binding. 

Making up for lost time

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It might seem like I’m Christmas shopping for myself but we don’t give Christmas presents. I’ve already made our annual Christmas donations and put money into the grandkids funds (established for each of them when they were born and contributed to on their birthdays and Christmas rather than purchasing expensive presents – kids get too much stuff!)

However, I’ve been on a personal shopping spree.  Way too much yarn has arrived (two more orders still to come). Most of this is from Craftsy – they had a couple discounted kits I decided to try but my opinion on the yarn included is on hold for now until I knit something using this brand. The top 4 skeins are Yowza from Miss Babs – one of my all time favorite yarns but these colors are a bit more subdued than they appeared in the website photos which is fine but it’s something to keep in mind. 

Did you notice these are all hanks? They need to be wound into balls so I ordered a yarn swift and ball winder from Amazon. I have both in GA and have been trying to do without one here in FL for the last 2.5 years but it’s time. Luckily, I’m able to use my Discover Card cash back bonus when I shop at Amazon so they’re basically free. 

I also ordered myself the Accuquilt GO Big – I warned you when I was at Mom’s that I’d been thinking about it. Remember I was cutting and kitting projects up for both Mom and my sister?! I’ve been using the GO since it first came out and while it’s not right for the way everyone quilts – I love it. I get to the sewing part much sooner. Here are two of Maureen’s blocks ready to sew.

You can see it doesn’t take up a lot more room than the regular GO. I debated getting the Studio (it cuts 8 layers at a time versus the 6 the GO dies cut)  but I have all my GO dies so that makes more sense. 

Finally, when the Apple Watch (series 2) came out Keith and I agreed I could have one 😏but I’d been in VA, then home for a few weeks, then traveling and the wait time to have it shipped never fit into my schedule – now it does so that’s been ordered too and it should arrive hopefully the week after Christmas. 

You might wonder why I “need” one. I have found that tracking my activity levels keeps me a lot more active than I would normally be. While I can stand to lose plenty more, I’ve lost 16 lbs this year just by focusing on my walking and that’s with the gaps in time when I haven’t been able to keep to my schedule. 

I also found that I liked having a watch that allowed me to glance at messages as they came in to make sure they weren’t urgent without pulling out my phone especially when I’m walking. The weather feature was also nice. SO my Garmin does all of that BUT… it’s ugly and I wear it ALL the time so I decided a prettier “smart watch” was something I did want.  Don’t worry – this one won’t go to waste – I’m going to pass it along to Adam!

I’ve confessed all my shopping to Keith (actually I always ask for permission first for major purchases) and now I’m ready for my New Year’s goals – to quilt more – to knit more – to walk more!

Have you bought yourself any special gifts? 

What are your goals for the coming year?