My Simply Woven quilt was not only pin basted but quilted!  As you can see, I chose an irregular grid rather than one that quilted each line. Simple straight line quilting that kept it nice and soft. It’s a free pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. 

I also walked a couple miles before setting down with my knitting for the night. 

We had some cooler weather which has been very nice and last night I even used the heat for a little while for the first time ever and promptly ordered a small heater from Amazon as I just needed a little extra warmth here by my knitting chair and didn’t need to heat the entire house (although the thermostat did read 63 when I turned it on). I used to keep it at 65 in Minneapolis but I also sat by the fire in the evenings. 

Of course, I also had someone to cuddle with in MN! Thinking of him a lot this week as I’ve heard that there are two new puppies in the family. We will NOT get another dog … at least not while we’re traveling so much … and maybe never because I don’t think another dog could ever replace him. I tell Keith all the time I’m not a dog person, I was a Chesty person!

4 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Angie

    Beautiful quilt! I love the backing fabric. That is a cute photo of Chesty. Some dogs (Chesty’s) just steal our hearts, and are never replaceable. But, having Sassy in our life has enriched it so much. Yes, I miss Bootsy, but Sassy gives us such joy now. We don’t travel, so I understand, but maybe later on in life you will reconsider.

  2. Tanya watanabe

    I’ve saved the Simply Woven quilt instructions. I’d love to make that this year. Thank you.
    I miss Chesty too.

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