Insomnia strikes again

I was doing well for a while – going to bed and getting up at somewhat normal times but this week I’ve been unable to fall asleep until very late and each day gets worse until here I am sitting up at 6:20am not having slept at all. Sleeping today won’t be a problem but I won’t be able to sleep in the rest of the week. UGH!

Since I couldn’t sleep I played around with some quilt ideas on the iPad. I wrote that when I buy dies, I think about sizes that can be used together. Tonight I paired the half rectangle and chisel dies – they both finish at 3×6 so the blocks would finish at 12 inches. 

You could also pair the half rectangle with the 3×6 finished rectangle for a simpler, funky pinwheel. 

6 thoughts on “Insomnia strikes again

  1. Sandi

    Sorry for you lack of sleep. I know of which you speak. One thing that helps me-my lack of sleep seems to stem from a busy mind. I can’t shut off the problems or thoughts so I listen to books on tape. It focuses my mind and I fall back to sleep immediately unless it is a particularly exciting book. So look for a dull, easy read. Good luck.

  2. Penny G

    Very nice quilt design. You have a great design sense and inspire me because I just don’t have that.

    Sorry you can’t sleep. Hope you take a short enough nap that your clock resets itself.

  3. Sara F

    Both designs are great but I love that funky pinwheel.

    Insomnia is so frustrating! Hope you get your internal clock reset again. I’ve had fewer night of insomnia since quitting my stressful job, but still finding myself reading at 3:00 am occasionally.

  4. San

    I really like both patterns. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble sleeping again. I empathize totally. I too listen to books on tape, but if I’m having trouble sleeping, I listen to certain books I’ve heard before. Thanks for sharing this new design.

  5. Nancy Parisi

    I, too, was awake for more than 24 hrs at a time. My husband found a ‘sleep’ doctor and made an appointment for me. I had an interview and then an over night, wired up to see what was going on. I insisted I did not have sleep apnea….but have it I do. A CPAP has made my life much easier, and although I look like ‘ant man’, I love it. I do have problems sleeping, occasionally, but nothing like in the past.

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