Do you hand piece?!

Foundations are cut, string bin has been pulled out, squares cut for block corners …

On this week’s agenda: HeartStrings blocks, pin basting the Churn dash quilt, and yes … I might have lost my mind. 

I found these two sets of Honeycomb precut blocks and decided to throw them up on the design wall. After researching sewing them by machine I’ve decided to hand piece them …. do you hand piece? I hand pieced my first quilt because I didn’t own a sewing machine and hadn’t ever used one. I’ve got a UFO from  2008 or so that I started to hand piece… but rather than pull that one out, I decided I’d hand piece this top.  The easy part will be to sew the rows together and my goal is one row per day and then I can label the rows and take them off the design wall. My follow up goal will be NOT to set it aside until the top is assembled!!!

8 thoughts on “Do you hand piece?!

  1. Penny G

    I sort of hand piece. I made a quilt with the grandkids that I hand pieced while I was there since they were not good at machine stitching at the time. We made about 40 blocks that were generally just 4 square units. Sometimes we had to sew scraps together to get one of the patches for a unit. But in the end I took all the blocks home and machine joined them into a flimsy and added borders with the machine. I also have a quilt that I carry with on long drives that I am hand piecing, but it will be years in the making. I found out that I like hand quilting much more than hand piecing.

  2. Jay in Nebraska

    I love to hand piece but then again you already know that! Once the rows are sewn it will be a breeze to sew those rows together. I think I explained to you at a sew in how I piece the flower gardern blocks. I just finished hand piecing 146 Flower Garden blocks with pieces the size of a quarter. Now to set them together.

  3. Sherrill

    Yes, I’ve hand pieced a few things, appliqued some as well. I hand pieced a lot of the Dear Jane blocks as they were just too tiny to sew on the machine. I kind of like hand piecing but not sure I’ll do much anymore. Just donation quilts in the foreseeable future and those don’t warrant hand piecing.

  4. Vivian

    Never thought I would but wound up hand piecing a little mini quilt along quilt when both my machines went on the fritz at the same time. Was surprised how easy it was! Would consider doing it again if the right project came along.

  5. KatieQ

    I enjoy hand piecing, but haven’t done any in a long time. I’m a bad passenger so I like to have handwork to keep me distracted when I am on a long car trip. The fabric looks familiar. Is some of it from the Ruby collection by Bonnie and Camille?

  6. Angie S.

    I live to hand piece more than anything else! My favorite shape to work with is the hexagon, but I do enjoy triangles as well…not so much squares. Those seem to me to be perfect for the machine. I have 5 different hand piecing projects at the moment…some are WIPs others are UFOs that I’ve not worked on in years. I love the portability of hand piecing! Enjoy working on your project…

  7. Kathie L

    I did hand piecing when I was living in the Netherlands for two 6-month periods and had no machine. I enjoyed it, but only did smallish projects.

  8. Ann Parks

    I get more done by machine, but I do love to hand piece. It is surprising how quickly units become blocks and blocks become rows when hand piecing. I have the opportunity to hand piece once a week when I go to my bee. Over the course of the last couple of years at the weekly bee I have put together an English paper pieced twin size quilt. It isn’t meant to be fast and that’s okay! It does work in nicely in odd moments of my day like doctor appointments or waiting for a pot of water to boil. I think you will have fun with this new project!

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