Alone time

Having family here the last couple weekends has been fun but I love my alone time too! With the sewing room all set back up yesterday, I was able to get up and start sewing this morning. One reason I didn’t start a new quilt last week was I didn’t want to have to clean up the mess between visitors! Within just a few minutes there was fabric everywhere!

I hadn’t looked in this bin for so long that I’d forgotten there were as many, if not more, chunks of fabric as there were strips and strings! They were set aside while I started a set of HeartStrings blocks but I’m going to start cutting for a 1000 Pyramid quilt. It’s been on my list for a long time and I think I will go ahead and choose a second die and cut two quilts while I’m at it. 

A vintage 1000 Pyramid found online – isn’t it gorgeous !

4 thoughts on “Alone time

  1. Clara

    The 1000 Pyramid quilt looks awesome. If you don’t mind checking, what’s the number of the Accuquilt die that you’ll be using for the triangles for that quilt? Is it 55429?

    I think that pyramid quilt shines because it has plenty of light value triangles. I have oodles of medium value and dark prints, but I often struggle to have enough light values.

  2. Sherrill

    The triangle/pyramid quilts are all so pretty but it’s a shape I don’t like to sew..never turns out well for me and I just wind up aggravated. That’s one I would rather hand piece than sew on the machine.

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