1000 Pyramid Q&A

You have questions and I have a few answers for you!

I’m using the Accuquilt GO equilateral triangle die –  4 and 1/2 inch (4 and 1/4 inch finished) – die number 55429. 

I have a Kaledoscope die that could be used but the reason I bought this one for 1000 Pyramid quilt is that the points are squared off and there are notches to help line it up too. So I just had to cut some triangles and show how easy they go together … I know people who piece this in rows but I will do it in blocks of 4 triangles … pressing to the dark.

One of the biggest challenges with a shape like this is not wasting too much fabric when you’re cutting. I’m using pieces of all sizes so I’ll just have to do the best I can but in some cases, I can cut extra triangles out of the leftovers … like here. The important thing to keep in mind is to send it through the cutter on the lengthwise grain! I started with an 11 inch square folded in quarters , cut 4 triangles, opened it up and cut two more. 

I went back and looked for a photo of the Kaleidoscope quilt – I really need to make another one of these too but maybe I should get my light and dark values correct – I ended twisting these after I realized I needed light corners on the block. I was still really happy with how it turned out! That border by the way was made out of all the “waste” triangular pieces left after cutting the blocks and I loved it.

Now it’s time to get back to my HeartStrings blocks!!

2 thoughts on “1000 Pyramid Q&A

  1. San

    Wow, it’s going to be wonderful. I’ve been wanting to do this one and even started cutting 4-1/2″ strips for it. What a great way to use up odds n’ ends.

  2. Judy

    Love your colors!
    I just ordered 2 new dies, but not this one. Ordered the Dresden and the 1/2 rectangle. I guess I need to add this one to my Wish List.

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