Back to the sewing room

I’m heading back to the sewing room this morning to make more Heartstrings blocks and I realized I’d forgotten to show you my new addition. We’ve been here in Tampa a year and a half now and I finally feel like I’m getting the house and my sewing room set up like I want it. 

I’ve always been envious of those big board ironing boards so I ordered one for myself. I’ve only been using it a couple days but I love it. If you’re not familiar with them, they fit on top of your regular ironing board and give you more pressing space. I’m sure a handy person could make one themselves but … Keith isn’t handy and I didn’t want to take time to figure it out. 

4 thoughts on “Back to the sewing room

  1. Marilyn

    Our son and DIL ordered one for me for Christmas and it arrived about 10 days ago. What a difference it makes! I did put better batting down, a double layer. How have we gone all these years without one of these!

  2. Jackie

    I have one too and I love it. I placed mine on top of those storage drawers you can get at stores like Walmart. They are about 24″ wide and four drawers high. I have three sets side by side and the big board fits perfectly on top. It is the perfect height and much more stable than my ironing board.

  3. Laurie Gathje

    I made a big board surface several years ago and LOVE it! I just had home depot cut me a piece of plywood 6′ x 2′ and it’s perfect! I covered it in batting and duck cloth! Yours looks great!

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