From trash to treasure!

I love how this bin of leftover strips and strings …

Becomes this stack of blocks! I’ve finished the 48 blocks that will make up a HeartStrings quilt and will toss them up on the design wall and assemble them when I finish getting the hexagons in rows. 

Next up … I’ll start cutting more triangles for the 1000 Pyramid quilt from that pile of scraps on the floor beside the bin. I’ve also got a new 4 inch Tumbler die so I’ll cut some of them too. 

6 thoughts on “From trash to treasure!


    I made a 1000 pyramid years ago. I used the piecing technique from Shar Jorgenson’ show Quilting From The Heartland..and her templates. She did it log cabin style. First she created the same unit you did. Then she used that unit as a center and sewed identical units around it’ Either clockwise or counterclockwise works. Then you take those units which now have 4 uni t s of 4 pieces and use thise as the center and sew 3 identical units around it log cabin style. SO much easier than rows!!!

  2. Angie

    Mary, are the Pyramids a GO Die? I have the 4″ GO tumbler, and have made several smaller quilts with it. Baby quilt size. I prefer the 6″ for larger quilts. Love your String blocks!

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