When we were getting ready to move from Minneapolis I called Chris and asked him to participate in training to walk a marathon with me. I knew that managing my weight would be a challenge when I was not walking everywhere like we did in Minneapolis and I don’t like working out at a gym. We created a training blog and eventually decided that a half marathon was challenging enough! Since then we’ve done a number of challenges and races and Keith has joined in. This year Chris invited me to join him in the 2017 miles in 2017 and we’ve been hard at work all January logging miles – he’s running most of his and I’m walking mine (we have to accomplish the 2017 miles together – that’s about 5.5 miles a day between the two of us).

When Adam was here this past weekend he wanted to join in but I was afraid if we added him to our team we wouldn’t be challenging ourselves enough so I suggested he ask Keith to form a team and they did. Team Walking Thunder has some catching up to do!

I love how working together on these challenges make us all healthier but also creates another opportunity to interact as a family every day or so. We changed from a blog to a shared photo stream a while back and some days all 4 of us are in different cities but we’re in touch reporting our progress, challenging and encouraging each other. If you have a son, daughter, husband, sister, brother, or cousin … why not challenge each other? You don’t have to be in the same house or even the same state and it just takes 2 of you. 

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