More treasure from the bin

I went through the large stack of fabric pieces from the bin that weren’t strings – most were trimmings from backings and some are just large enough to get 2-3 triangles from but I think I have a good variety for my 1000 Pyramid quilt. Doesn’t this look much more interesting now that it’s sorted by color and ready to start cutting into triangles?!

5 thoughts on “More treasure from the bin

  1. Penny G

    My trash bin never looks that good . I generally have to iron every thing since I put it in folded, but go through it way too often and it gets more and more messy.

  2. Sara F

    That will be a gorgeous pyramid quilt using those colors. Very rich looking!

    My scrap bins need some attention again. Maybe it’s time to make more string blocks. One of my guild friends just made a string quilt and showed it at guild. Her original plan had been to donate it somewhere but liked it so much she decided to keep it.

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