I have lost my mind!

I am usually much more disciplined about focusing on a single piecing project and getting it to a the finished top stage before moving on. I just looked at both my sewing room … where 3 projects are active and one waiting …

….and at my database which shows that I’ve already started 5 new quilts and it’s just January AND I’ve got UFO’s that need attention. 

After fussing with the layout and pressing of the pyramids yesterday I changed my mind and decided to piece them in rows. For some reason my brain was making it more complicated than it needed to be and I sewed a couple rows to decide on the width and make sure the seams would nestle when I went to sew the rows together. They’re just hanging off to the side for now. As soon as the hexagons are sewn into rows they’ll come off the design wall and the HeartStrings blocks will go up. I’ve done a lot of the cutting for the Pyramid quilt but I’m not sure how many more I need yet so I’ll keep the fabrics out for now. It’s obvious that I’ll get at least 2-3 quilts from this group of leftover fabric and additional strings for the bin too. 

It makes more realize (again) I have way too much fabric between Big Canoe and what I’ve collected here and too many kits now too. I’m going to add 2 more goals to my 2017 plan – Rather than monthly goals, I’m setting goals for 2 months at a time so for each 2 months – I’m going to add a goal to piece a top from the string bins and one from one of the kits or precuts ( I have a bunch of jelly rolls, these hexagons, and fat quarter bundles I’ve been collecting) . I don’t have to make the quilt from the kit but I do need to  use the fabric…. so that’s 6 of each or 12 tops in addition to other projects I decide to start all while keeping my UFO’s under control. Sounds like it’s going to be a busy year!

I had planned to pin baste and quilt a small top this week but that won’t happen until I get these three a little further along. 

9 thoughts on “I have lost my mind!

  1. Julierose

    Love the rich colors on that heartstrings one!! I keep on saying “finish it up” to myself and then find myself drawn into starting something new again!! Your new goals sound very do-able…Hugs, Julierose

  2. Penny G

    I have sewn 4 tops this year and I am trying to get rid of stash and scraps. Not even a dent in the scraps and I have so much more to do. I did get rid of the excess pieces I made for one quilt that I took from a queen size to a baby size and some strips I had left over from a whole lot of sea themed quilts, but the box of left over sea themed is still an under bed storage box and looks full. I used stash to make the other 2 tops and still no love. Even the backings don’t seem to have dented that pile of fabrics. The only real difference is the scrap batting, I got rid of one whole drawer full of batting scraps. I have to learn to use more scraps and quit buying scrap bags online.

  3. Nancy

    I’m slowly making dents in my scrap bins and keep looking for more patterns that will use the sizes of scraps I’ve cut. Soon, I need to tackle the backing trimmings and find a use for them other than bindings.

  4. Clara

    I want to hear more about the hexagons. How big are they? How did you cut them out—with Accuquilt? Will you hand sew them together or machine stitch? Will you trim off the outer part of the hexagons on the finished quilt edge to make it straight and easier to bind? Or will you do a zig-zaggy binding? I was so interested in the zig-zaggy binding that you did on a recent tumbler quilt. It was so cool!
    I always love seeing your quilts. I use your patterns often.

  5. Sandra Dennison

    I’m working on a couple of scrap quilts to, in order to rid myself of some of my “extras” (and to distract myself from the current political mess). However, next weekend is the super bowl and all of those great fabric shop sales. Help me!!!

  6. Sandra Dennison

    I’m working on scrap quilts too, in hopes of distracting myself from the mess that we’re in. However, next week is the Super Bowl and all of those tempting sales….

  7. Mary

    I, too, have way too much fabric and UFOs. When I discovered MSQC’s Daily Deals, I accumulated too many charm packs and jelly rolls. I also have too many kits and charm packs from Connecting Threads gathered over the last few years. And I have been cutting back on magazines and books. I often comment that I need to camp out in my sewing room and quilt my way out. 😉

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