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I know some of you hate when I venture away from quilting but it’s my blog and I do have opinions even if I temper what I really want to say so I don’t offend people. I’m sure there are those of you that have visited me for years that I like and respect that don’t agree with me or my political views. So no, I don’t want to offend you but I feel so strongly against Trump it’s hard not to respond in a negative way to everything going on right now. 

I’m NOT an activist and what I really want to do is hide in my sewing room for the next 4 years but since that doesn’t seem to be the responsible thing to do when hatred and bigotry (and ignorance) seems to be taking over our country, I’ll just try to be a little kinder in my daily life. I’ll keep making quilts and giving them to those less fortunate, I’ll keep supporting organizations that help the poor, those in need, and yes the immigrants here legally and hope for a kind and fair solution for those here illegally. We’ll try to make a difference here in our community. 

I know our country needs work on many, many levels including healthcare and immigration but I don’t support Trump or his policies. Every time I see one of his ”tweets” I feel ill. 

While it’s tempting to close comments to this post I won’t, write whatever you want but understand, there’s nothing you can say that will change my opinion and while I’ll read all the comments, I won’t get into a debate. Keep in mind, my opinion is not based on what people say about Trump but on what Trump himself says. I’m not close minded, I’ve just heard all I need to hear from him to form my opinion. 

79 thoughts on “Hit delete if you want

  1. Mary D

    You are not alone in what you feel. The things that come out of his mouth absolutely makes me ill. The congress that is supporting his craziness makes me ill.

    While hiding in our sewing rooms for the next 4 yrs is not a realistic option, thinking the things that Trump and congress is doing will not effect us and those we love. I think that those of us who feel so inclined to should use our energy to pray in earnest. Our prayers will be heard and will prevail.

    This time now reminds me of the bible stories when the children of Israel went astray and they followed corrupt kings and leaders and were so oppressed they cried out to God and he would rescue them. But they would soon forget again and be oppressed by some other corrupt leaders. The thing here is that they cried out in prayer to be rescued. Let us cry out in prayer to be delivered from this president and this congress who seems unwilling to talk reason to Trump and this cabinet he picked who seems more than willing to mislead, lie or use alternative facts and facilitate policies that will be harmful to the working class citizens of this country.

    Activism doesn’t necessarily mean marching in the streets but certainly we can take time to pray everyday in our own homes in our alone time that this country isn’t consumed by this administration with their bigotry, hatred, lies, harmful rhetoric, attacks on our industries and scientist and seemingly wanting a dictatorship in this country.

    We can do much with our united prayers.

  2. Sandy

    Times are stressful regardless of where you live. We have our share of problems here in Alberta, but nothing that compares to what Americans seem to be living through. Things can only change for the better!

  3. peggy

    Two points – Louverna, and Kathy be careful calling those of us who disagree with you buttercups etc. This is one of the most unpopular Presidents…you are the ones in the minority and overly sensitive. All an honest person needs to do is look dispassionately at his words, his lies, and his bullying and they would have understanding of those voicing qualms about him. I am not saying you have to agree with us, but to disparage us shows your limits, not ours.

    Secondly, those of you who write that this is how you felt about Obama, sorry no sympathy from me. Barack Obama does not make vulgar remarks, disparage facts, and mistreat women. You may not agree with his policies, but you are a fool if you compare him to the child/man who is still pouting about the size of the crowd at his inauguration.

  4. Pat

    I was not a fan of either of the major presidential candidates. I am terrified of what is happening to our country and all of the Executive Decrees that are being signed. Why are we not hearing from Congress on any of it, either party? I also wonder why there is such a lack of decorum in the Presidental office, the highest office in the land.

    I recently heard the quote that “Americans have always remanded steady in times of crisis” and I am trying to keep that as my first thought with our current status.

  5. Dona

    This has been an uncomfortable time in the US. AS a math and science person I agree that we still need to listen to the scientists. As a 2nd generation Italian American I am sick about what is happening today.

    I agree we need to keep being kind in any way we can and to keep praying.

  6. Sara F

    Exactly how I feel. I want to hide most days too when I hear the news. I’m just so disappointed in how much hatred is around. I have family that seems to believe that anyone they disagree with must be evil. Very scary! Thanks for expressing this so eloquently.

  7. Jeannie

    In response to another commenter, because someone is a Democrat doesn’t mean that person likes Madonna. Because someone is a Republican doesn’t mean that person likes Trump.

    I am dismayed at what’s happening in our nation and am determined to not partake in the hatred, bigotry, violence, etc. We need to keep our wits about us and be a force for good, not evil.

  8. San

    It’s okay Mary, it’s your blog and it’s nice to hear a clear voice. I don’t have television so I’m not bombarded with data like you might be hearing. I would like to say that in my 18-year career as a medical transcriptionist, I’ve had to type rape reports for inner city hospitals. Never a pleasant thing and often downright upsetting. So when I read some of the news articles on what was happening to very young girls who joined the throng of those entering our country in vast waves, I knew something had to be done about the immigration issue. It’s a big issue with many layers. Let’s hope some of the new laws prevent young children from becoming victims.

  9. Mary

    Thank you for sharing. I am stunned and shocked at the choices made by him, the lies, and that he doesn’t have to share his tax returns, and that he takes each comment disagreeing with him so personally. I know there are Republicans who must disagree with some of the things he has done and I hope and pray that they will have the courage to stand up and say, “Stop. Let’s think about the ramifications.” Our concern is not sour grapes, it’s a valid concern about our country ans what we believe. We can’t stick our heads in the sand nor can we just delete – we need to talk and listen and find compromises. Thank you again for voicing your concerns.

  10. Sandi

    Thank you for your post. I was heartened to see others offering many of the feelings I am experiencing. The first thing that hit me the hardest was all the hate shown at DT’s rallies. This is not the America I know and love. With each election our country seems to become more divided. It seems to be an us vs them game. No great statesmen governing for the good of all American’s.
    To those of you protesting, please continue to do so.

  11. Karen H

    I too get sick to my stomach with all the hate, bigotry and lies now in the White House. I feel lost so I am choosing to take an active role by contributing to organizations that are standing up for our rights. I am also contacting my Senators and Representative to make them aware that I find the many Executive Orders and even some bills being considered in Congress unacceptable and harmful. When the news becomes overwhelming I take a break for a couple of days but then come back. I can’t be uninformed for I feel that is is part of the current problem. So many people are uninformed and accepting of “alternate facts”. I do not look at just one source of news, but read and watch several with different perspectives in an attempt to be open minded. I take the ultra liberal info with a grain of salt, but when I read or watch some of the conservative sites I don’t understand how people can believe them. I fear that there is a lack of logic and sound reasoning. When this all becomes overwhelming I too retreat to my quilting studio with happy music to calm and soothe me.

  12. Four dogs and one quilter

    I agree with you Mary. In the past I may not have agreed with a president’s policies, I respected the men who were president. Now I don’t have any respect for the man nor his policies. I do intend to make my voice heard at every opportunity by calling my congressmen and letting them know how I feel. Only hide in your sewing room for two years. Midterm elections are in 2018 🙂

  13. Dianne King

    Tough times for us all, Mary. I feel as you do, and am struggling with the strong negative feelings I have every day. I limit my Facebook time, because seeing a constant barage of hate makes me feel terrible. It’s going to be a long four years, and we will just have to find ways to get through it.

    Sending hugs and happy thoughts…


  14. Patty M

    I agree with you Mary and appreciate that you are speaking out. The issues are too serious to watch from the sidelines. Thank you!

  15. Karen

    So very sad that you don’t put the safety of Americans and the good of the country ahead of your liberal, leftist agenda. We suffered under eight years of lies, sneaky deals and treachery, it is time put an end to that. It takes a stand up, tell it like it is man to do that. God bless President Trump.
    And yes you will be deleted.

  16. Hannah

    I agree with you Mary . I don’t see why anyone has to delete you! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have family , members that think differently then me , but I still love them!!!!!!

  17. Tina Davies

    Thank you for your clear and direct thinking and comments. I’ve been appalled that this man has been able to accomplish his horrifying agenda with such speed and with no apparent regard for facts or even reason. I shudder for the fate of our country, our children and grandchildren… what is being created for them?? I’ve been calling my senators and representative to encourage them in their opposition and to thank them for their principled (IMHO, of course) stances on health care, immigration, and myriad issues under fire from this administration. Hopefully enough people will be mobilized to stand up to him, though he seems indifferent to matters of constitutionality or legality. And I am remembering how important kindness and acceptance are, in these trying times. Quilters are good at this, and it’s so needed right now.

  18. Patricia

    Thank you for your courage!!! I feel so hopeless, and worried. Just reading the couple of hateful responses made me sick! There are many, many people who share your views, and yes, this is your blog and you can express them….at least today you can. Not sure about tomorrow! ‘Make America Great Again’….wonder which era is is talking about? Kind of scary!!

  19. Lynn Dykstra

    Heartsick. I’ve signed off Facebook for lent, a week early as it was too much to take in.
    I look at the family we are helping settle in and they are terrified of being sent back to Syria.
    I like your plan–try to be a little kinder.

  20. Anya

    You go, girl! Remember, you don’t have to go to marches or spend time on the phone trying to reach your representatives to be an activist. Just keep doing what you’re doing, helping those in need and donating to organizations that support the things that you do. And don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind, and speak it often if you have to.

  21. ellen

    this my first time at your blog und this posting is the first I am reading here 😉

    I was born and raised in England (english nationality) but now have German nationality after living in Germany 23 years.
    I was horrified als Leavers voted for Brexit – not only because of all the legalitys and implications that come with it, but because of all the hate, lies and suffering it caused/causes between families, friends and collegues (I cannot talk with my family in England anymore).

    As Trump ‘won’ it was a repeat of Brexit for me und I know how it feels, saying that: I am very very relieved to live in Germany at the moment and not in England or the US. I am praying that the french, the germans and those in the netherlands this year in their general elections do not vote for the equal of Trump …

    I and all the people that I know here, regardless of nationality, feel for you in the U.S.A


  22. Mary McCarty

    With you all the way Mary! Appreciate your thoughts and courage to speak up! And I love reading about your quilting, knitting, travels, kids, etc…. 🙂

  23. ruby wach

    Thank you Mary for your heartfelt comments.
    I’m Canadian and am worried as to how Trump’s time in office
    will affect my country
    The expression,”When the US sneezes….we catch the cold.”
    really does apply at this time.
    All we can hope for is that our Prime Minister
    “just says no” when Trump is treading on our toes.
    Ruby Wach

  24. Cristine Hall

    I am really happy that people are voicing their concerns and feelings at this time no matter their stance. For the record, I believe as you do. I was physically ill after the election for weeks until I gave myself permission to grieve. I cried so hard! I cried again when I saw the numbers of women and some men march here and all over the world–peacefully I will add. I live in the state of Washington and am so proud that our leaders took Trump’s Immigration policy to court and won the first round. Our Federal Senate and House are standing up to Trump, too. I pray for my country as it is what I can do as housebound.

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