Rae’s Menagerie

My daughter-in-law sent me this photo this morning of the animals I’ve been crocheting for Rae over the last year or two. (I made the quilt they’re sitting on for her also)

I wanted to say that I appreciate those of you who commented or emailed that you disagreed with my views but didn’t feel the need to attack me personally.

4 thoughts on “Rae’s Menagerie

  1. Kristy Wilkinson

    My daughter (13) is crocheting the elephant in blue yarn. 🙂 It is all because I got the book from the library. Thanks for the tip! She is working on the body right now. I think you are a bad influence on me! I have way too many projects already started and now I am starting yet another one! 🙂 Love your animals and your blog. K-

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